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Sampling products drives sales in the newsagency

photo 1-3We have been sampling a terrific gluten free confectionery item at the counter of the newsagency with excellent success. We have had access to the product for months and love the point of difference it offers in-store and in generating new traffic.

The sampling has lifted engagement even further.

Yes, this photo is from the counter in the newsagency as it looks now. And, yes, we have a glass dome over the product to protect it.

I love the display as it helps alter the perception of shoppers about the type of business we run and, through this, what customers can expect from the business.

The display also is resulting in a reaction of delight by customers and this is terrific to see. Happy customers are more likely to remember the business. They  are also more likely to spend more.

Changes like this are important as part of my commitment to and obsession about continuous change in the newsagency – evolving from the old-school newsagency retail offer that has now future.


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  1. Barbara

    What a feast of colour! if you will pardon the pun!

    Very eye catching, how could you NOT be drawn into that display!


  2. Mark Fletcher

    Barb I agree and that is how it is working. We looked at how other retailers sample before doing this.


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