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The 2015 Christmas hero product drives sales and traffic for the newsagency

IMG_2849With Christmas all but done, I can note Perfect Petzzz have been our hero of the season, delivering thousands of dollars in high margin sales in the newsagency.

Customers often purchased more than one at a time. Others would come back to purchase more one they showed family and friends how the dogs and cats breathed.

Being the only retailer nearby with the range drove excellent new traffic.

All we did to promote the range was to place a video on Facebook showing a dog breathing. Within a couple of hours of the video being posted we sold our first two pets. Now, a couple of months on, we are selling out of our fourth shipment.

Every Christmas there is a different hero product. This year it is these Perfect Petzzz. The results have been stunning – not only for the products themselves but the many allied products we have for dog and cat lovers.

As this range was a newsXpress promoted range it was appropriate I not provide free access to the insights until the end of the season.


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