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Low cost lotto fit out for NZ retailers

Looking in detail at the lotto fit out requirements for NZ lottery retailers today and I saw why the costs to the retailers are considerably lower than in Australia. The base is the fit in the shop, not purpose built. Into this is dropped a Lotto unit. There is flexibility on what can be in or near the area. The total space allocation is adjusted by the size of the store. From what I understand the whole process is co-operative and respectful.


This photo is from a Whitcoulls store on Cuba Street in Wellington that I visited today.

What you can see is the entire in-store commitment to lotto. No need for the writing desk or other items Aussie retailers are often forced to find room for without reasonable return.

The Tatts requirement for space in newsagencies is considerably different to what I see here in NZ. On The Run in SA appear to not have the same requirements / obligations as newsagents.


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  1. Chris

    How good does that look! Great space designated for lotteries whilst allowing the retailer to independently present the image it wants to. Tatts need to realise that these are the type of stores they should be supporting as they are the retailers of the future that are getting increased foot traffic and are active business people. But why would Tatts listen, they are a legacy supplier and it shows in how they deal with newsagents just like News Ltd, Fairfax and unfortunately GNS.


  2. Mark Fletcher

    Chris hopefully people at Tatts see this and realise there is an approach that is more respectful of small business retailers. Hopefully…



    Not related to NZ lotto, sorry. Tatts Combos for Fathers Day.The printout provided by them says Mini Quickpick for Saturday Draw 3667 (2 weeks time), NOT this Saturday for the $21Million draw (Draw 3665).

    The button is automatically starting it this Saturday, but all the info sent to us relates to 2 weeks time (Draw 3667). Which means we have to physically change draw date Wouldn’t you think if it was to start after Fathers Day it would be draw 3666 for Sat 10th August??

    Am I missing something??


  4. Retail Assistant H

    Subaru – Saturday Tattslotto draws count up in increments of 2 (eg. each draw ends in an odd number) therefore it is for Sat 10th September.



    Thanks RHA.
    I’d never noticed this


  6. allan wickham

    Just select the “draw date” option and put in the 3rd. Little bit more work but solves the problem.



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