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Are Newspower stores among the highest performing in the country?

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.38.38 PMThe folks at Newspower may want to check the marketing sent today as they claim: Newspower Newsagents are some of the highest performing in the country.

I am not aware of any evidence to support this claim.

For Newspower to make this claim they would need access to the business performance data of all newsagencies. They do not have access to this.

My long-established newsagency sales benchmark studies, which I publish here, that started when my newsagency was a Newspower store, represent the most comprehensive comparative analysis in the channel  yet even that does not cover all stores. It does, however, cover data from businesses in all groups except for the WA lucky charm franchise.

I am not aware of any evidence supporting the Newspower claim.

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    Just check my calendar i thought it may have been the 1st of July



    1ST of April lol


  3. Chris

    All they would need is information from a supplier showing proof that there are Newspower newsagents who are up at the top as one of their highest performers. Marketing is marketing.
    There is nothing in this, move on.
    I am a Newspower Newsagent but normally I keep quiet concerning the standard Newspower bashing on this blog
    It is easy to bash Newspower but they do have a role in this industry.
    All marketing groups have their pros and cons but it seems Newspower always cops it on this blog.


  4. Mark Fletcher

    Chris, Newspower put the statement out there. I have my doubts about evidence existing to support the claim. Hence the post questioning it. Newspower has invited comparison by making the statement.

    I agree Newspower has a role. The claim – Newspower Newsagents are some of the highest performing in the country – has no qualification. I don’t think it data from one supplier would sufficiently support the claim. The only reasonable assessment is whole of business and a year on year same store comparison.

    The better approach would be for the claim to not be made.

    No group allowing members to make local decisions can guarantee success.


  5. Andrew F

    Does it really matter team? Who cares. Comrade Fletcher has an ego problem when it comes to competition.


  6. Mark Fletcher

    Andrew all that matters is the facts. maybe Newspower have evidence to support its claim. You can play the person all you like. The thing is, doing this seeks to detract from the facts of the matter.


  7. Lance

    Andrew, I doubt you’d have many members on your Team, and I don’t think anyone other than you cares about that, but good luck to ya anyway mate. 🙂


  8. eric



  9. Colin


    It reminds me of French wine. The French undoubtedly make some of the best wine in the world, problem is they also make the worst.

    The newsagency marketing groups have the same issue.


  10. Peter

    A single small statement on your interest in another Marketing group should have been included at the start so your true position on this can be seen by all. This in my view is pretty poor form on your part.


  11. Mark Fletcher

    Peter my involvement with newsXpress now is well known and is openly declared on the About Us page.

    This post is not be comparing Newspower to newsXpress. It is questioning the source Newspower has used to make the claim. This is the real question here. Don’t be angry at me if Newspower has made a claim that is open to challenge.

    I’d prefer comments to be about evidence supporting the claim as that puts any question to rest.


  12. Leon Tonna

    Its marketing and doesn’t really need to be evidence based. In advertising, it’s normal to take the high road and make certain claims without any real evidence but its safe to assume that some Newspower stores would outperform just as its easy to assume some NewsXpress stores would outperform
    We are not part of any marketing group so it can be assumed that we are not biased.
    Not everything needs to be evidence based because sometimes we are smart enough to read between the lines and recognise what advertising and marketing is.


  13. Mark Fletcher

    Leon I think it is dangerous to assume anything.

    As our channel undergoes tremendous change evidence is vital if people are to make decisions that are right for them.

    Too many newsagents are going broke from making wrong decisions, often decisions based on no data.

    Take greeting cards. I have seen newsagents make a decision on the say so of a sales rep without any evidence – only to find the experience is not what was claimed. Data is king.


  14. Amanda

    Mark, it sounds like things are getting desperate for you.

    You said “take greeting cards”. It’s a good place to start.

    Any newsagent thinking of joining Newspower, or Nextra has freedom in choosing their card supplier.

    I am sure you would get quite upset if a newsXpress member chose to go with an alternate card supplier….not because you have data to prove Hallmark is the best card company in the marketplace because there is no such data. But because that newsXpress member is not earning an income for you from Hallmark.

    You spruik Hallmark on this blog and through newsXpress because Hallmark pay you an income. Why not disclose what you get paid by Hallmark to the people on your blog and your newsXpress members.

    You speak of transparency, but only when it suits your argument.

    Transparency is King!


  15. Mark Fletcher

    Amanda, Since you know everything why do you need me to state what you think you know.

    You have taken my card comment out of context. But that is your right. It is disappointing as you are diverting attention from the real point of the blog.

    On Hallmark, I don’t know why you bag them. That is your right too. The thing is, data is all that matters on all these things.

    All Newspower nerds to show prospective newsagents is the evidence supporting their claim.

    As I present here and at workshops I run I rely on data to support strategies I propose and claims I make.


  16. James

    Data would say that if you if you are still in business after the last four years, you are a high performing newsagent. There is 1400, or nearly 30% of newsagents who have not performed nearly as well.


  17. Colin


    Great typo ….. nerds for needs. Freudian slip ?


  18. Amanda

    Mark, I do not pretend to know all things newsXpress or any other marketing group. But i also do not preach to people about topics to suit an agenda I may have against a supplier / individual or marketing group whom realistically are unable to have a voice of reply on your blog.

    In regards to my comments about cards, they were made in response to your own comments on cards. You diverted the topic to suit an agenda you must have currently against an opposition card company. You are clearly using your blog to influence other people’s decision (my guess would be fellow newsXpress owners) on considering alternative suppliers to the one that pays you handsomely.

    If I am wrong in saying you receive payment or any other financial benefit from Hallmark then please correct me.

    Back to the topic of your post.

    Chris, Colin, Peter, James and Leon have all made accurate and valid comments regarding your post.

    Every marketing group claims to have some of the highest performing newsagents in the country. That is an opinion based comment and cannot be challenged because every marketing group does in fact have some of the highest performing newsagents in the country.

    I think Andrew F has hit a nerve, as you posted on the newsXpress website the same day you posted this topic that you are “the director of newsXpress, the best Newsagency marketing group in Australia”.


  19. Mark Fletcher

    Amanda, Anyone who wants has a voice here. Comments are unmoderated. You know that.

    It is disappointing you accuse me of preaching to an agenda. But you can say what you like. I would prefer you to list all my posts from the last six months and list those where you say I preach to an agenda and then determine the percentage of all posts.

    Your comments demonstrate ignorance about the relationship between Hallmark and newsXpress. Yes, you are wrong. I have written about it before here and you appear to have either forgotten or not believed me.

    It is newsXpress members who benefit from the relationship with Hallmark. They see that when the P&L is presented to them each year. It is unfortunate you write so much about something of which you know so little.

    newsXpress has never paid a dividend to the owners of the business. It is not run as a for-profit company. The members know this because, again, they get to see the P&L.

    You can throw all the accusations you like. The reality is I write this blog to help newsagents. What they decisions they ultimately make are up to them.

    newsXpress does not claim to have some of the highest performing newsagents in the country. You should check your facts before you make the claim they have.

    On your last comment, to demonstrate how crazy your allegation is, I write the newsXpress blog posts on the Friday the week before they are published. I write a week’s worth at once and schedule them for publishing.

    Andrew F is as concerning to me as anyone not using a real and full name here, anyone without enough conviction of their words to say who they really are. Anonymity empowers people to say things they would not say when they can be held to account.

    I am happy to put my name to what I write as I stand behind it.


  20. Andrew F

    You are a cyber bully comrade. The majority of your contributors do not use a full name but prefer to use initials, pseudonym or outright outlandish tags, yet you engage in comment and debate with them, thereby legitimising their identity without question. You are a valuable asset to the newsagency channel but sometimes you should be gracious and humble enough not to attack opponents of your comments with veiled vindictiveness.


  21. Mark Fletcher

    Andrew you can call me what you like. Me responding to a comment does not legitimise their identity whatsoever. It is wrong of you to call a comment from me an attack. Looking back over this specific thread, my comments have sought to focus on the facts. Finally, I am no comrade. I find your use of the term offensive.


  22. Andrew T

    I hate it when you’re angry comrade


  23. Amanda

    Mark, Newspower is claiming that it has some of the highest performing newsagents in the country. I cannot see why you would take offence.

    newsXpress claims to be the best newsagency marketing group in Australia.

    Really, what is the difference, and who makes the decision on who is actually the best?


  24. Mark Fletcher

    Amanda I have not taken offence. Rather, I have questioned how Newspower could draw such a conclusion as to do so they would need whole of store data for all newsagents, which they do not have.

    Where is newsXpress claiming to be the best newsagency marketing group in Australia?

    There is a difference, however, in the two claims. One is specific while the other is general.

    Context is everything in a discussion like this. Maybe if people knew your real identity.


  25. Paul

    OMG really, maybe Mark everybody in future has to use their real name Not sure why but would that help you



    Does anyone know if Newspower have a unmoderated
    Blog ?


  27. Twinky

    Add a photo of yourself as well


  28. Mark Fletcher

    Paul I think any conversation is advanced if people know those they are in conversation with. We can see the impact anonymous posts on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has had on discourse.

    For me, the starting point of trusting anything anyone writes here as a comment is knowing who they are as it shows they have sufficient belief in their opinions to stand by what they have said.


  29. Paul

    That i can agree with but nearly all of your contributors don’t use full names me included even if you know who they are we as readers don’t So moving forward what is the answer full names or not


  30. Hamish

    Seriously? Not sure why you feel the need to go down this path Mark.

    At least Newspower have “some” as a loose measure at the start of the comment.

    Newsxpress Website:”You have to the best team of business support staff in the industry” – Says who? Actually it doesn’t even make sense so that’s an ironic example of point and something of a poor reflection on the people its attempting to self promote as an asset………two birds, one stone sort of a situation!

    Possibly every player in this industry has non-referenced statements and claims on their marketing collateral, I include my own in that. It doesn’t make any statement false or deliberately misleading. More-so in this example Newspower made a statement that is unsubstantiated by lack of attributable reference to fact (as you correctly suggest is the case here) and by association hypocritically enjoy in promoting your own business.

    There are no winners here other than pots, kettles and carbon……seriously.


  31. Amanda

    In regards to Newspower’s claims – I recall seeing in a recent “Channel” industry magazine the latest Newsagency of the year awards. I think I recall one or more of those winning newsagents were Newspower branded newsagents. I may be wrong.

    If that was the case, then I think they have the right to make claim to having some of the highest performing newsagencies in the country. After all, it is a general comment being made from Newspower so the context of that comment is accurate.

    I quoted the comment from your newsXpress website claiming that you are “Mark Fletcher, Director of newsXpress, the best newsagency marketing group in Australia.”
    The comment was dated 1/09/2016. It was on the website on 2/9/16 when i quoted in post 18….so it appears you are the person who has made the claim, Mark…or whoever controls content on the newsXpress website.


  32. Mark Fletcher

    Hamish thanks for pointing out the typo. I am sure someone at newsXpress will correct this.

    The statement related to the newsXpress support team. It was written based on years of experience running and working in newsagencies and newsagency supplier businesses.

    The ACCC requires claims businesses to have a factual base. The above claim has a factual base.

    The Newspower claim is different as it is a claim that Newspower does not have the capacity to measure. It is a claim they cannot make unless they have data for all newsagency businesses.

    But, hey, if that does not matter to people, so be it. You don’t own my opinion just as I don’t own your opinion.

    But it must matter given the comments here. The easiest response would be from Newspower saying here is the basis for the claim. That would shut everyone up.


  33. Mark Fletcher

    Amanda, you are quoting from a newsXpress blog, not the newsXpress website. The two are different. To get to that text you need to go to the blog and click on my name and read the description. It is old text from 2007 when the blog was started. It should have been removed as claims like that don’t fit with the newsXpress approach to business today. Thanks for hunting it down and pointing it out. I’ll get the description adjusted for you.

    The ANF awards are no measure of anything given how businesses are nominated. The only measure is same store year on year unit sales and revenue comparison by department alongside GP% analysis year on year. No presentations, no submissions other than business performance data.


  34. Hamish

    In large part I agree Mark, while there are many new faces at NewsXpress since my days as a member, I definitely wouldn’t dispute the combined experience of the staff (or group) as a whole to be as good or better than any other industry supplier. There are many good people in the group with years of experience – Clearly that’s a fact, however it in no way substantiates the generous and self bestowed claim of being the best in the Industry.

    My suggestion is that there is no reference to any measure, report or other such document to substantiate the claim they are the “Best support staff in the Industry”. Who awarded that medallion? The ANF? Hallmark? Nextra?

    Thats the point, I cant see the difference between what you are saying about Newspower’s pathetic clip art effort and your assessment of the quality of the NewsXpress staff with relation to reference of fact.

    Similar examples are easily found on most Industry websites. Just calling a spade a bloody shovel and polishing the kettle.


  35. Mark Fletcher

    Hamish, the claim was the best team of business support staff in the industry. It was a very specific claim based on knowledge of the specific people to whom the claim refers. It stands up to scrutiny.

    The Newspower claim has no foundation in fact as Newspower does not have the data.

    That is the difference. Newspower cannot point to the data necessary to support the claim.

    The alternative to writing about it here is that the claim is left out there, newsagents join Newspower thinking they are joining the claimed elite group.

    People are getting in a lather for me calling out the claim but rather than dealing with that, everyone has picked over things I have written to find a chink in my armour. While they have every right to do that, time would be better spent to uncover evidence supporting the Newspower claim so more newsagents could benefit from what Newspower does.


  36. Twinky

    Gay like you.


  37. Colin

    Top Definition


    An INSANE female, usually Caucasian. Someone who has not one but TWO twinkles in their eyes due to their high degree of social insanity, someone so over obsessed with an estranged lover that they become oblivious to their actions and consequences of their actions. Prone to fits spontanious crying,screaming, violent fits of rage or any emotional outburst at work, restaurants, traffic or any public place without sign or warning.
    Can usually be found on the internet in singles chatrooms or have singles profiles on dating websites. Will come off as overly sexual possibly even agressive and enticing but will become posessive and demanding after intercourse. Has been known to call 8, 9, 15 or more times per day and will show up at your home or work un announced if ignored.
    VERY, VERY hard to get rid of. Lacks any shame or accountability.


  38. Amanda

    Mark, I have no access to a newsXpress blog. I have not hunted it down in a newsXpress blog that I do not have access to or have ever seen.

    The quote I got was from the newsXpress website clicking through the various tabs on 2/9/2016, and it was dated the 1/9/2016… as in less than 1week ago, not ten years ago.

    I looked at the website to see how you describe the newsXpress group, just like i did on the Nextra site where they claim to be the “Premier” group.

    It would seem you yourself are getting into a lather about your own unsubstantiated claim.

    Is the whole problem here that you think newsXpress is the elite group?


  39. allan wickham

    On occasions there has been some very “poor form” comments here on the blog but Twinky you have taken the cake (pun intended). Your 5th grade education really shines out in your comment…..grow up mate or better still go troll somewhere else.


  40. Mark Fletcher

    Not in a lather Amanda. What you found is on the newsXpress blog and, yes, you do have access to it. There is a link to the blog on the newsXpress website and that is how you access it. The text you read was setup when the blog was established in 2007.

    The newsXpress website describes the newsXpress group. The link you found is many clicks removed from the description on the newsXpress website. The claims on the newsXpress website are substantiated.

    It is up to newsagents to determine the group that is right for them.

    As for the Newspower claim, they have no evidence to support the claim as they do not have data from all newsagencies in Australia. No one does. That appears to bother you but rather than confront that, you chase me, which it is your right to do.


  41. Amanda

    Look Mark, personally I think each and every marketing group has “some of the highest performing newsagencies in the country”. I don’t have a problem with the claim from Newspower. It seems most contributors to this blog have above expressed similar thoughts.

    In opposition to their claim, Personally, I think that of all the marketing groups, Newspower probably has the most under performing newsagencies under it’s banner which let the group down. Once again, that is personal opinion.


  42. Sue

    You are so wrong Murk Fletcher
    It is Blueshyft who made the comment about Newspower members, not Newspower.
    who next Murk ?
    Coca Cola – Always!
    Really? Always? what drowning in it?
    Woolworths – The Fresh Food People! ?
    How dare they Murk? They sell stuff in cans.
    don’t forget to mention the ACCC Murk.
    so who next to murk Murk ?
    let me guess . . . .


  43. Amanda

    Mark, to reply to some of your comments:

    The quote came up through clicking on the newsXpress website. I do not know how the quote appeared but it did. It seems you are going to great length to claim it is from the past. All I know is that it was able to be seen in clicking on the website a few days ago.

    I merely raised it because newsXpress is making similar claims to what you are complaining Newspower are doing. Another group claims to be the “Premier” group. Who cares!

    In regards to the ANF awards, I simply made a statement I thought may have justified Newspower’s claims. It’s an industry award. I think its unfair to diminish the award for those who have received it.

    In regards to the comments about suppliers, several times in various blog posts you have stated that the ANF, VANA, NANA etc should state their financial interests in relationships with suppliers they are recommending to members. You have asked for transparency from those associations, I merely called you out on having the same transparency. Quite frequently your blog could be seen as an advertisement to particular suppliers.

    For example – If I was to consider becoming a newsXpress store, am I free to choose the card supplier of my choice?

    In regards to your comments about data being King. Well there is always data to argue for an agenda but often there is data to argue against that same agenda. Whilst you have data to add to your claims, there would be data in the marketplace to argue your claims also.


  44. Mark Fletcher

    Amanda, you care. I explained how you got to it because it does matter. The internet has a long memory. The quote you saw is from 2007. newsXpress on its corporate website makes no such claim. The old 2007 data should have been adjusted in 2010 when the business decided to not make such claims. The historical record has now been corrected.

    Sure you called me out re transparency – but without foundation. I am transparent. You can say I am not but the evidence is against you.

    Your comment about data is ill-considered as I am specific – the only business performance data that matters is GP on a same store basis year on year. That is the only way to assess business performance.

    On your card quest, it’s not relevant to this blog post and you already know the answer. Maybe if people knew who you were they would understand your fixation with this.


  45. Ken

    It is an undisputed fact that I AM the best newsagent in town.!! The fact that I am the only newsagent in town is irrelevant. Try as you might you WILL NOT bruise MY ego !!!!



    Amanda if you think the ANF awards are not wrapped in politics you are either very naive or haven’t been in the industry for long

    To you and the others Why don’t you put your full name to your posts .

    I ask the question again do Newspower or the ANF have a industry blog which is unmoderated and can be accessed by anyone ?

    I was a Newspower member for many years but as
    the retail climate has changed so dramatically I felt Newspower didn’t offer the services i was looking for to adapt and grow my buisness , we changed to newsXpress and the only thing we regret is that we didnt do it sooner.

    The ultimate test of a successful marketing group is sales and profitability for its members on this point we are grateful for the assistance from the newsXpress staff. They are always there for us and they treat us with respect .


  47. Amanda

    Mark, I find you are an extremely knowledgable person on the newsagency industry, and (generally speaking) you allow retailers to gain an insight into different aspects of retailing that they perhaps would not see without this blog.

    I have regularly posted that I find your blog interesting, informative, and a platform for people to contribute and share. I have posted for quite sometime now and my integrity has not been challenged in previous posts where I have agreed with your opinions / comments or thoughts. At least not until now when I have challenged your opinions and comments.

    My question on the card was because you raised cards in this blog post. Post 13 “Take greeting cards. I have seen newsagents make a decision on the say so of a sales rep without any evidence – only to find the experience is not what was claimed. Data is king”. So it is relevant to the comments you have posted.

    I object to you utilising your position to push agenda’s and influence people’s thoughts on topics / people / suppliers that you have a vested interest in. You are in a position of power and influence within the industry, and should be wary of the reach of those comments. That is why i spoke up and made comment. If I am to be ridiculed by you for doing so, it only adds to the scepticism by readers. I suppose I will be added to that list.


  48. Glenn

    We have enough challenges in our industry without bickering over the legitimacy of claims made by rival groups. Who cares, it is up to the individual to do their due diligence prior to joining to substantiate any claims made.

    We should instead be focusing as an industry as to what we need to do counteract external threats, irrespective of which marketing group we may or may not belong to. Arguments such as this make me wonder about the medium term future of our channel.


  49. Mark Fletcher

    Amanda I am pushing no agenda here. You made this post about cards and brought in newsXpress. There is no ridicule in any comment I have made here.

    Please stop making allegations against me for which there is no foundation. I have not ridiculed you.

    You have demonstrated considerable passion on this thread, passion people might better understand if they know who you are.

    It is unfortunate you attack my invitation for transparency with unfounded allegations.


  50. Paul

    Are all newsxpress newsagents or newagents for that matter good people I bet if you dig enough there are skeletons in all of their collective closets
    Now surely this is enough but on the upside reading this is fun on an otherwise boring day
    And no agenda Mark mmm i don’t own a software company but i think you do
    DATA is king and so is software


  51. Paul

    Mark do any of your pet shops promote themselves as being ethical
    Bet there not


  52. Andrew D

    FFS move on. The King is dead long live the Queen


  53. Paul

    I can’t believe this is still going on !

    Not the same Paul as above . 😉


  54. Twinky

    Cheers to you Amanda whoever you are! Shut this gay guy down. Love your work Andrew D. Bring on the plebescite so we can vote against this agenda.


  55. Steve

    What are you suggesting Twinky? That the federal government has a plebiscite on whether newsagent marketing groups can make unsubstantiated claims. Or is there something else going on in these posts that only a fuckwit troll like yourself can see.


  56. Andrew F

    Me thinks ‘Twinky’ is an in-house plant.


  57. Shayne

    What a shame “people” like twinky and sue can contribute nothing but homophobic insults towards a man who works tirelessly to improve and help an industry he is passionate about. You both make me sick. Grow up.


  58. Andrew F

    I’ll try again. Me thinks that ‘Twinky’ is an in-house plant.


  59. allan wickham

    Mark I know your blog is unmoderated but you should block comments that are offensive….twinky and sue are prime candidates for such a measure…..better still…name and shame the dickheads


  60. Mark Fletcher

    That’s interesting Andrew F as Twinkly is one of the names you used here as well as Andrew D, Andrew T and plain Andrew – all from IP address You used it on September 5, 2016 at 10:53am.


  61. Dennis Robertson

    Interesting reading.

    I reckon in an open blog, anonymity is fine and can raise some salient issues that might not otherwise be heard.

    When the passions rise though, it’s the one who is open, transparent and identifiable who’s opinions usually count the most.

    For mine anyway.

    The ones hiding in the darkness of anonymity usually give their cause or statements little or no credibility.

    I also think that if a business is making a statement that may bring commercial benefits to it, then any person has the right to challenge that statement if they believe it to be wrong.


  62. Jenny

    Totally agree Allan Wickham. Though I wouldn’t use the term dickhead, fuckwit would be more appropriate!


  63. Andrew X

    Twinkly? Really?


  64. James

    Wow just wow.

    All this over a shingle and a model that is dead buried cremated.

    If as much energy and effort went into whats next instead of which taxi company is better, silver top or black and white, we’d all be better off.

    To your credit Mark, at least your making efforts in that direction.

    As for homophobic slurs, thats just juvenile low IQ dark ages stuff best kept to you Twinkly and your therapist.


  65. James

    *yourself Twinkly


  66. Andrew A - Z

    Exactly where are the homophobic slurs Jimmy? The words attributed to the pseudonym ‘Twink, Twinky or Twinkly’ at posts 37 and 55 did not come from an IP address associated with Andrew A – Z. The words attributed to those posts came from someone within Comrade Fletchers regime.


  67. Mark Fletcher

    Andrew that is not true. Twinkly is one of the names you used here as well as Andrew D, Andrew T and plain Andrew – all from IP address You used it on September 5, 2016 at 10:53am.


  68. Peter

    Wow, how very sad. There are still people out there that are that homophobic. I really can’t get my head around that level of hate and ignorance. What a sad, sad existence.


  69. Peter B

    Andrew Alphabet you play with your Twinky far too much. You’ll go blind!!


  70. Lance

    Who votes ‘ YES’ to ask Mark to remove posts from the serial troll using that IP address.
    This blog is far too important to be dragged down by those who have no interest in sensible discussion.
    My strong suggestion is that we ALL STOP RESPONDING to any such posts and ask that Mark simply remove them.


    Vote YES or NO.


  71. allan wickham



  72. Dennis Robertson

    Mental health issues appear to be more prevalent in todays society. I think that’s the reason behind why these Trolls do what they do.

    It’s more sad than anything else.

    I would just ignore their posts and move on to the next that is relevant to the context of the thread. Nothing positive ever comes out of engagement with them.


  73. Ross

    Yes I think the subject has had enough coverage and has unfortunately degenerated to a slanging match with absolutely nil positives


  74. eric

    iam post number 75. THE END


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