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Pitching magazines on social media

Mark Fletcher
June 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

I don’t pitch magazines often on social media but when I do I try and do it in a way that is interesting, different to the usual XXX out now type post. Indeed, being interesting, and entertaining, is essential on social media today, especially on Facebook.

That is what I have gone for here with this post yesterday about That’s Life Reader Recipes. I’m having a bit of fun referencing reality TV.

That’s Life Reader Recipes¬†is a simple publication. I like it for that simplicity. It is local and sharing everyday recipes from everyday Aussies. It is a title ideal for us to promote as being available in our¬†businesses.

It is authentic. The recipes are accessible. It has an everyday appeal. I like this title for all those reasons.

I mention it here today as an example of a practical use of social media for pitching the business. While not likely to have people beating down your doors, a post like this has a local feel to it and that is valuable in social media engagement.

I’d suggest pitching a magazine on Facebook once a week. However, choose the title carefully, stray away from mainstream, from what people would expect of you. Look for a local angle, or at least an angle that is relevant to your business and how you would like it pitched.


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