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Retail marketing tip: Reinvigorating Saturdays in the newsagency

Mark Fletcher
October 7th, 2017 · No Comments

Years ago, Saturdays used to be big in retail newsagencies, back in the day of fewer lottery draws, little or no Sunday trading and less late evening trading.

Today, the value of Saturdays has slipped for many retailers including many retail newsagents.

Something needs to be done to reinvigorate Saturdays. What it is that needs to be done will vary based on local situation. My advice is that you engage with a considered, planned, campaign to lift Saturdays. Make shopping your shop on a Saturday more fun and more valuable.

Here are some suggestions to get you thinking of what could work in your shop:

  • Host parties. Monthly. Based on brands you sell. A part for each fun related brand.
  • Host a local club that connects with products you sell. Like a knitters club or a jigsaw club.
  • Use the day for unpacking new product and get known for Saturdays as being the day for new product.
  • Play. Make it a day of fun in the shop sampling product and playing with things.
  • Free cake. Everyone loves cake. Maybe do a deal with a local cake shop to have a free cake to be sliced up at a set time every Saturday.
  • Draw prizes. If you do a lottery second change draw, draw it ion a Saturday with a bonus for the winner if they are in-store.
  • New displays. Make it a day of major change, noticeable change, in the shop.
  • Promote deals, maybe based on a Saturday Savers branding.

What ever you do it has to be about your business as it is the commercial outcomes you are looking for. I mention this so you can focus on what you need rather than what a local group may need / want ahead of you.

Of course, you could do nothing about Saturdays and your numbers in the future would continue the trend you are on today.


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