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Customer stories brighten the day in retail

Mark Fletcher
November 11th, 2017 · No Comments

Some days, customer stories brighten the mood in the shop, and at the sales counter especially. I love it when people tell you why they are buying a particular product, especially if you were unsure as to who the customer for the product might be. This direct customer feedback can help you sell more of the item through more informed targeting.

This desk name plate is a good example. It is funny, very in-your-face. I have seen it bought several times now and in each case the reason was shared, and inn each case the shopper was different. The feedback has been useful in guiding social media posts designed to help connect with others with a similar need or interest.

While customer stories at the counter can take time and interrupt workflow, they can also provide valuable shopper feedback, which you can convert to revenue down the track.

The challenge is how to engage with shoppers in a time efficient way at the counter. It takes practice as you don’t want them to feel you are not interested.

For the record, I saw this name plate purchased by a wife for her husband, by a son for his mum and by a work colleague to leave secretly on the desk of their boss. The last story was especially intriguing. They say they will back with a report on how its was received.


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