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The importance of acceptance cards in the card department of a newsagency

Mark Fletcher
November 29th, 2017 · 1 Comment

Acceptance cards are an often neglected part of the card story in newsagency card departments.

Tucked away, out of sight and not promoted, acceptance cards are always there, but often forgotten.

Yet, acceptance cards represent a point of difference opportunity for us, they and other cards with them can be promoted to pitch a point of difference inn our businesses over other card retailers. They can be leveraged to reinforce us as card specialists.

One way to pitch these small format cards is to talk about the keepsake value of the acceptance card. Wedding couples love having cards to look back on ten, twenty and more years later. Our range of cards in-store allow us to help create these wonderful memories.

Facebook posts talking about making memories is one way we can leverage the opportunity of acceptance cards and similar for our businesses. A thoughtfully written social media post could educate engaged couples about collecting acceptance cards for future memories.

I think too often we expect cards to sell themselves without any out of store call out. We can’t rely on cards to sell themselves at all. No, we have to continually educate people about card giving. We have to show the importance of providing the keepsake memory in a form people will cherish in years to come. This is why I write about acceptance cards today – they lend themselves to this type of promotion.

While you won’t retire on the mo new you make from acceptance cards, you will benefit from reminding people in the area you serve that you have a range and educating them about how loved acceptance cards are by recipients.


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  • 1 Matt // Nov 29, 2017 at 7:49 AM

    Yes. Realised the importance only after customers asked for it.Inability cards are also there even though they dont require promotion.


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