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News Corp. late in supporting newsagents for Enid Blyton campaign

Mark Fletcher
February 1st, 2018 · 2 Comments

News Corp. has been late in providing newsagents and some who support newsagents, like software companies, with information vital to the success of the Enid Blyton campaign.

Software companies had to chase News for data to provide to newsagents so their systems could be setup correctly and ready.

No time was provided to newsagents to seek out allied product to supportive campaign. This denies newsagents the opportunity to maximise the potential of the campaign. It also denies newsagents the opportunity to leverage the Enid Blyton campaign to its full potential.

The inaction by News Corp. comes across as selfish at worst, ignorant at best.

Early warning allows engaged newsagents to be data ready and to have allied product, which is displayed well can help drive greater engagement with the newspaper promotion. There are gifts, activity products and other lines that could have been brought in, with which a broader Enid Blyton story could have been told.

News Corp. needs to understand how little value newspapers are to many newsagency businesses now. They should work harder to enable newsagents to transact newspapers more cost effectively and with greater value-add opportunity.

Years ago, News Corp. was better at this stuff.


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  • 1 Gerard Munday // Feb 1, 2018 at 10:26 AM

    I’m a little confused here … if “News Corp. needs to understand how little value newspapers are to many newsagency businesses now” … why is it an issue that info gets out early?
    FYI Victorian distribution agents had all info last week, with both weeks of books coming out before promo even starts, allowing distribution in one load …. already saving us distribution costs.
    POS is great, all free of charge with great TV advertising. 15 stock items to be set up in system with News reps setting up displays in most in stores.
    I understand you need to know early enough to have supporting stock with this promo …. but not sure how that’s News problem …. they want to sell their stock don’t they ?


  • 2 Mark Fletcher // Feb 1, 2018 at 10:31 AM

    Information needs to get out early so retail newsagents can maximise potential, as I note in the post.

    You miss the core point of my post. News is selfish and not thinking about the broader opportunity for the retailer. This will cause retailers to treat the display on the basis of the money they make from it, when the result cold have been far better.


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