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Fuck … language matters less in retail today

Mark Fletcher
October 6th, 2018 · No Comments

Years ago, having a product with a swear word on it in the newsagency would have resulted in plenty of complaints at the sales counter every day. That is no longer the case, even for the more serious swears.

Swear words are okay if complaints, or lack thereof in my experience, are anything to go by. In one of my stores, in suburban Melbourne, we have developed a large selection and we get a complaint every few weeks at the most.

The key is that the products are smart, funny. Swears for the sake of swearing are not appreciated. Smart, funny, caustic use of swears usually works the best. This is the era of sarcasm after all.

We place these swears related products together, away from parts of the business likely to attract people who are more likely to be offended.

What is interesting about products with swears is that through them we can attract shoppers who might otherwise have not shopped with us. We can demonstrate products with a broader demo appeal. This is good news because anything through which we can appeal to people who do not shop with us has to be good.

There are several suppliers who specialise in swears related products. While newsagency businesses are usually not their go-to fit they do supply and in short time you can see if you have an opportunity on which you can valuably expand.

The photo is of a tea towel. It’s a hit with people of all ages, including grandparents who laugh at the prospect of giving this to a wayward grandchild.


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