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Late papers anger home delivery customers

How all their efforts and desires to own the customer relationship, newspaper publishers leave it to local newsagents to communicate on late delivery of papers.

The most recent experience of this was a few days ago in Brisbane when the Courier Mail was four and more hours late to some newsagents, meaning that safe delivery during the morning rush was not possible.

In an ideal world, News Corp would be public about the situation online, by text message and elsewhere so that customers know. Instead, I’m told that the only comms to home delivery customers was that from newsagents.

I am placing this post here as the request of one of then impacted newsagents, inviting feedback from others.

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  1. ken

    i am giving up on cm, my blood boils when customer gets angry, reps dont care. i wish there was serious competion to newspaper.


  2. Shayne

    This is something that will never change. One time while myself and my staff were waiting around with nothing to do waiting patiently for papers to arrive, a customer told me the driver was at McDonalds down the road having breakfast – before dropping our papers off!


  3. Mark Fletcher

    News could have communicated early, owned the problem, explained a free day added to all subs and provided any other information that protects local newsagents having to deal with it. They could have respected the customers they claim to own.


  4. Russell McDonnell

    An apology to THEIR customers in next week’s S/Mail would be a customer service procedure. Vast majority of customers were patient and understanding except for 2 ‘phone warriors’ that swore and abused myself and a staff member. A visit, in person after closing time, suddenly saw them both wanting to shake my hand. This was done to ‘put out a fire’ for our staff next time the papers are late.


  5. Colin

    Maybe give the customers your Area Managers number to air their complains see how they feel being abused.


  6. Mark Fletcher

    Jason, smart phones have do not disturb for people who don’t want to be disturbed.

    By all means continue to carp and criticise. What I have suggested is a practical solution, better than what happens today.



    Here in SA News Ltd have announced via radio message when the papers have been very late, which usually it is a result of a major mechanical break down


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