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Hey News Corp. this is not news, this is not journalism, no, this is political interference

I would not have put this newspaper out for sale. A politician with their face in what could be the crosshairs of a gun? In Australia?


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  1. Peter

    I hear an apology will be printed, though I will believe when I see it.


  2. Jim

    Im guessing the same people who are upset by this were upset at the election result. All a bit precious if you ask me.


  3. Mark Fletcher

    Jim nothing to do with the election result. Newspapers have a responsibility to report news and to do this within a framework of ethics. News Corp. papers often leap beyond this by running agendas and printing stories that are not based on news or professional news gathering.

    This Sunshine Coast Daily front page is disgusting.


  4. Peter

    This picture is defining the right to free speech as the right to be a rude ignorant pig.


  5. Jonathan Wilson

    Its high time we had both truth-in-advertising laws for political advertising AND stronger laws for truth in the media (i.e. easier enforcement and stronger penalties for media outlets who run things knowing those things are untrue)

    Bring down the power of the Murdoch empire to influence and control politics in this country.


  6. Graeme Day

    it’s bad taste for some- it is for me – the answer is don’t buy the paper. Sales fall- it will close.
    Same as any other product.


  7. Mark Fletcher

    I’d like to think that if I saw this in my shop inn the morning, I’d return every single copy. Time to take a stand I think.


  8. Murray

    this is whats wrong with Australia now, everyone finds a reason to get offended. Its water off a ducks back. Nothing wrong with a little humor. Stop being a snowflake and start having a laugh again.


  9. Graeme Day

    Jason, I agree, although it may be in bad taste and that is individual taste, the answer is if the majority feel that way and don’t buy the paper it will die.
    I spent some time before a Parliamentary hearing re censorship and the Newsagents role in selling magazines of risque taste, and my answer was and still is, You the Govt decide censorship, to some degree, the other degree is decided by the consumer.
    If it doesn’t sell then the peddler of rubbish is judged.
    No better criteria is available. One persons choice is another’s distaste.


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