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An offer from newsagency marketing group newsXpress to help newsagents create more valuable businesses

Mark Fletcher
May 25th, 2019 · No Comments

All of us in small business retail understand the value of being unique, the importance of having those products or services no one else has. It is referred to as your USP, your Unique Selling Proposition. Businesses with a genuine USP are more successful.

Recent years have been challenging as newsagents have had to confront declines in core products, competition from online and more. A USP helps you cultivate good news.

The best way newsXpress can speak to you about USP is through what we offer you if you join newsXpress. Here are some of the newsXpress differentiators:

  • Genuinely valuable in-store visits. One of our retail experts visits your store several times a year, looking for opportunities to make your business successful. They gently offer encouragement and suggestions. Nothing they suggest is mandatory.
  • Exclusive new traffic suppliers. We have preferred suppliers in our portfolio who can help you attract new shoppers, like the Royal Australian Mint – we are the only group they work with. The success our members are achieving is wonderful.
  • New traffic strategy. We offer well researched, fact based, papers that lay out a pathway to attracting new shoppers. These papers outline the goal and simple to follow steps that can be taken to achieving the goal. Nothing is mandatory. Our research papers offer alternatives you can consider in terms of your local situation.
  • Exit strategy. We know plenty of newsagents look to the day they can leave their business. We have a structured plan they can follow to maximise the opportunity, to smooth the path to sale and retirement or whatever is next in life.
  • Engaged business building networking, not roadshows. We host regional cluster meetings to make it easy for members to work with each other and our team to create more successful businesses. We support and encourage each other.
  • Online. We offer a comprehensive, integrated and growing online strategy, through several consumer facing websites that attract shoppers our retailers may never have served otherwise. Every newsXpress member also has free access to their own local website that is completely within their control.
  • Saving money in the back office. We can help you get the best deal on insurance, eftpos fees and more. Our lease help has resulted in plenty of newsXpress members saving money on lease renewal.
  • Mental health support. Thanks to our engagement with Beyond Blue, Headspace, Men’s Shed and others, we have a structured kit of advice and support for any newsXpress member confronting mental health challenges. Our help reaches beyond the business for those keen to engage.
  • Better buying. We put this last because it is what some think should be first. We have access to supplier deals that are awesome. Yes, preferential pricing and preferential terms. While we understand that many newsagents see this as what a group should do, for us, better pricing is one piece of a large jigsaw of services we offer. It’s valuable, but not all that we do.

newsXpress offers much more than this list.

Our head office team… newsXpress has twelve full time employees working on behalf of members. Included in this team is our merchandise expertswho work with members on product ranging and buying. Following their advice is not mandatory. They can go as far as putting together suggested orders. The action you take is completely up to you.

Our leadership team… is there for you, on anymatter, offering an ear, a hug, advice or representation, on any matter. We will help as much as we are able. We see the newsXpress community as family.

Find out morePeter Francis is our National Sales Manager. He has served newsagents for decades, at John Sands and then For Arts Sake. Peter has been with newsXpress for five years. He is a loved and respected member of our team. Call Peter on 0423 298 020. Ask him any question. You can email Peter, too, on

Who makes the money? While newsXpress is privately owned, there has never been a profit distribution. Every cent has been reinvested in the business, in TV ads, flyers, technology advances, free conferences and more.

What does it cost? The monthly newsXpress membership fee is currently $375.00 (inc. GST). There is a sign on fee and a setup fee of $2,500.00, which we will waive for you.

Special offer. Contact Peter Francis for details.

This is a letter I recently sent to newsagents. I am the Managing Director of newsXpress.


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