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Black Friday update

Mark Fletcher
November 29th, 2019 · 1 Comment

Further to my Black Friday post yesterday. To come in this morning and see $1,500 in online sales overnight for one store when usually overnight sales would be at $250.00 is heartwarming. This result is almost as good as the result the night before.

Not one of the sales is to a shopper within two hours of the business.

Accounting for shopping, the GP% achieved is 46%, which is terrific for a sale event.

As fulfilment is from existing leased space and labour resources, there are no additional overheads.

While the name Black Friday has a very different meaning to Australians, online being what it is, there is no opportunity to swing against the tide. Embracing it more fully as we have done this year will see thousands of dollars bottom line benefit well ahead of Christmas.

I think this is where Black Friday plays most interestingly – pulling forward what for us might have been Christmas or Boxing Day Sale purchases, or net new revenue – I say this given that it’s online and I suspect many of the shoppers were looking for a deal so if we did not get them now we would not have got them later. the reality is, who knows?! I am okay with that as a $ banked today is real.

Update: 5:20pm.  $3,000 in revenue today from  this niche website. Not one sale to a  customer within 2 hours of the small suburban high street shop. All on the back of a Black  Friday promotion, on which we spent $0 in marketing.


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