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It’s as if Tabcorp just realised that Covid was a thing

Mark Fletcher
June 23rd, 2020 · 1 Comment

Tabcorp contacted retailers a week ago advising (requiring) that they, retailers, put up a Tabcorp poster about Covid and social distancing.

What makes this hilarious and frustrating is that engaged retailers did this in March, three months ago. Better still, they used federal government issued signs and followed the federal government outlined guidelines and protocols.

Now, here is Tabcorp, late to the party, telling retailers what to do and doing do in the usual heavy-handed Tabcorp approach that left retailers wondering if they would be breached it they did not do what Tabcorp did and, instead, followed the approach recommended by the federal government. While the company did eventually clarify this was not a requirement, their useless communication left people wondering for a few days.

That Tabcorp would even think they should write to retailers about this in June is nuts, stupid and time wasting for retailers. But, hey, it’s Tabcorp.

While I get there will be some petals in Tabcorp who think this post is unfair. The facts are the facts. This is an own-goal by the company, something they could have easily avoided.

It is lottery retailers who have delivered the best commercial outcomes for Tabcorp over the course of Covid. Maybe some respect and appreciation is in order, instead of their usual big stick


Category: Ethics · Social responsibility

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  • 1 Peter // Jun 23, 2020 at 5:28 PM

    Now I must do a self assessment resplendent with with photographs, one per question. If I don’t i will have earnings/commission cut downwards. Initially I was told I did have to do this self assessment then viola it changed.I need though to remember to Tabcorp Board are the cream of the crop.


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