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Round 2 for some Victorian locations

Dan Andrews, the Premier of Victoria just announced a return to stage 3 lockdown for some Victorian postcodes in response to COVID-19 infections.

The return to stage 3 lockdown presents challenges for residents and businesses in these areas. Newsagents, based on past experience, will be exempt. High street newsagents in particular will see foot traffic changes as the shopping malls empty out, which has started already.

Click on the image to see the full statement by the Premier. I have shared it here as I suspect news outlets will not run the full statement.

Related, earlier this week I announced to people working in my own office-based businesses that I anticipate we will continue our work from home approach for most through to the end of this year at least. The feedback I had was that people wanted certainty.

90% of our workforce is working from home with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and our VoiP phone system key to maintaining contact and productivity.


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