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A photo tip if you have a website for your newsagency

A common mistake retailers make with their online businesses is product photos. More often than not the photos are awful – often poor resolution, too much other stuff in the photo or not unique to the business.

Here are my tips:

  1. Take your own photos. A phone camera is good enough. While using supplier photos is temping, it will not differentiate your business.
  2. One product per photo. Too many products in a photo will negatively impact the experience for the online shopper.
  3. Be consistent in photographic style.
  4. Clear the background. See below. The first photo is one I took and the second is the same photo with a cleared background ready for a website. The second photo has not been touched up in any way other than removing the background. It clearly demonstrates the value of removing the background.

There are plenty of ways to quickly and easily clear the background. I have a commercial Canva licence. The above second photo took 5 seconds.


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  1. Amanda

    This is what I come to this blog for, not the angry man nonsense.

    Mark you mention Canva. Is that the best in your view?


  2. Graeme Day

    Yes Amanda I agree politics are boring howeve this is a newsagency blog and as such as I see it answers are invited however “angry Man nonsense” angry or not that statement is as sexist as “feminim rights based on emotionalism” is. No foundation and is unnecessary.
    The blog is about everyone not me not you -enquiry e seeking answers as you do what suits and personaly I find refreshing as I am sure everyone else does.


  3. Mark Fletcher

    Hi Amanda, I use Canva as it offers community collaboration, which works for newsXpress members. In terms of background removal, almost all the easily available packages work similarly.


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