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It’s a mistake to promote lotteries on social media

Why? Because it defines your business to others.

Okay, you may want that. if so, by all means promote lotteries on Facebook.

However, if you want to bring on a new supplier and they check your business out, be prepared for them to say no to you because you are a lottery shop. Yes, they judge you that way.

Also, the Facebook algorithm will restrict you sees your site based on lottery advertising.

If you have been doing it, is there any evidence that it boosts your sales? I have not seen any.

While I am not a lottery retailer, my opinion is it’s not worth promoting lotteries on Facebook.


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  1. Angela

    I promote lotteries especially on days with a large jackpot and have a great response where customers come in telling me they seen my facebook post and thought they would come down and put on a lotto.


  2. PJ

    I don’t think it’s an issue to promote big jackpots or prizes for lotto. But they should remove the posts once the event has passed. So at most there might be one lotto post up. If a supplier can’t handle that then probably not worth dealing with.


  3. Graeme Day

    Mae West said, If you’ve got it “Flaunt it” or words to that affect.


  4. Steve

    I agree with your comments here Mark. Branding and positioning are very important both for customers and suppliers. In our store we value higher margin retail sales. These sales make a big contribution to our bottom line and provide all our growth. Big jackpot days on the other hand whilst very busy tend to be less profitable and tend to impact our retail sales. We find that lotteries customers normally are just purchasing the one product. We therefore prefer to pitch our social media to retail customers.


  5. Graeme Day

    every customer is important. Loterry customers are human They may only buty te lottery ticket at that point in time however, they all have a relative, a friend and their own spending pattern.
    Yes the purchase is different one more importamnt than the other the lottery customer can be a great customer convesrion is the challenge.
    Some of the hishest “Gift and card” sales are in newsagencies with extremly high Lotto turnover. Gifts of $300k p.a. Cards the same total g.p. over $325k p.a. and Lotery Comms of over $220k p.a the product G.P. contribute more for less staff than the Lotteries. Convesrion is the key.
    this doesn’t take away from banding and positioning it’s all in the game.


  6. Mark Fletcher

    The focus of my post is about promoting lotteries on social media. Everyone should do what they think is right. My opinion is that for retailers promoting lotteries on social media serves no value at all. Indeed, it reduces who sees your page.

    Graeme, on the broader question of conversion, I have not seen any evidence from any lottery retailer of sustained successful, commercially valuable, conversion of lottery shoppers. Tatts, NSW Lotteries, Golden casket and, now, Tabcorp have successfully peddled the line of the conversion opportunity without any data to back it.


  7. Graeme Day

    I have,,, seen pleny and quoted them in my post.
    Let’s hear from a few newsagents about this I would love their input.
    Mark I don’t dislike or like one over the other, Lotteries are a big part of our industry and therefore accepted by the community.
    i don’t discriminate though I do look at the bigger picture and credit to the newsagent who uses the Lott to suit their business.


  8. Steve

    Don’t get me wrong Graeme Yes lotteries is an important part of our business and yes it contributes to our labour costs and overheads. From a branding perspective though my point is that we find that it impacts on our more profitable retail side of the business. Accordingly we prefer not promote lotteries on social media which we find is well promoted by the Lott themselves.


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