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Newsagents can be open during the 5-day lockdown announced for Victoria

Following the model from last year and the situation, then, that saw retail newsagency businesses classed as essential, newsagency businesses in Victoria can be open over the next five days. Lottery kiosks and tobacconists cannot remain open. Now, for newsagents in Victoria  …

  • Employees should have a permit provided by the business with them to and from work.
  • Ensure you have ready access to masks for staff and customers.
  • Hand sanitiser at the entrance to the store and at the counter.
  • Sanitise the counter on both sides regularly.
  • Pitch curbside pickup for shoppers.
  • Offer local delivery for shoppers.
  • Be positive on social media.
  • Front of store product focus: games, jigsaws, candles, self care.
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  1. Colin

    To quote Andrews. Persons may go out for “essential shopping for food and medical”. Newsagents might be open, the vast majority should have no customers.


  2. Graeme Day

    What’s the matter with newsagents beaing an essential service Colin?
    it’s an legislated fact that they are -Get over it.


  3. Mark Fletcher

    Colin there are no retail police. Newsagents will sell what they have sold and provide an appreciated customer service as a result.


  4. Colin

    And the florist next door, who also sell cards, gifts, home fragrances… is again facing stock write offs on of all weekends … Valentines Day.

    The lockdown rules are for ease of application. They have never been equitable or fair. I have no problem with newsagents benefiting from the rules. Many customers will have a problem though.


  5. Mark Fletcher

    As someone with 3 retail businesses in Victoria during the past two lockdowns and now this one, we have not experienced a single customer complaint. The opposite, in fact … gratefulness at being able to buy the birthday card, the candle or the puzzle.


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