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Australian made continues to matter

Customers continue to engage with Australian made. Some actively ask about it while others are drawn to it if you promote it. A newsagent told me yesterday about how this played out in their shop.

A customer in a newsagency was looking at two birthday cards, trying to decide which to purchase. Asked if they would like help, “It’s for my niece and I can’t decide. What do you think?” they said to the retailer. After looking at both cards, the retailer held out one card. “This one is made in Australia.” The customer bought that card.

On soc ail media, when I share images of Australian made cards and mention that we are grateful to support Australian artists and Australian printers the engagement we achieve is good.

Aussies really do want to support Aussie made. This is a live commercial opportunity for us.

This is on my mind this morning as earlier this week I heard from a newsagent who said their card rep made the comment that all card companies source their cards from China. This was in repose to the newsagent mentioning they were considering moving to another company that designed and printed in Australia. Of course, the card rep was outed as being either a liar or ignorant – each being an equally bad look.

Aussies really do want to support Aussie made.

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