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Magazine oversupply

Magazine oversupply continues

We usually sell 2 or 3 copies of Maxim magazine. The circulation experts at Ovato think we need 40 copies of the latest issue. What a waste.

The circulation experts at Ovato will have an explanation, a glitch, human error or some such thing. I’ve heard it before plenty of times.


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  1. David

    I am a former owner of a Newsagency in metro Melbourne from 3 years ago and it disappoints me that you guys as owners seem to still have the same old problems of the past 30 years.
    Your Association must be at the basis for blame on this issue for to travel 30 years with this major concern and they do not nail this is a shame.. My advice… Press harder, much harder. Hey for what it is worth I love retirnement now living in the USA


  2. Mark Fletcher

    David, while there are magazine oversupply issues, they impact far less today with circulation product accounting for 10% and less in an average transitioned newsagency. Thinks really have changes since your days.


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