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Newsagents continue to suffer from News Corp. taking control of home delivery

News Corp. taking control of newspaper distribution has not helped plenty of newsagents and their customers with papers continuing to turn up late.

The challenge for newsagents is that they cop the brunt of customer complaints.

What a mess News Corp has created.


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  1. Peter r

    I am now selling at most 2 Sunday Sun Heralds instead of 12 to 15. I now get them one day late (Mon Morn). However the DT is my main Lord Rupert product.

    By the way some customers are blaming me for this until I get the chance to talk to them.


  2. Lance

    When wrapping late delivery papers, could a note be included to explain the reason their morning paper is being delivered later than they expect ?


  3. Mark Fletcher

    Sadly, Lance, newsagents tended to not be told. I suspect the new delivery businesses are in a similar position.


  4. Grame Day

    Lance, unfortunately ..it’s over, the delivery for newspapers of hard copy -is over They -News Corp have given notice and the public are suffering.
    So are the remaining distributition newsgaents.
    Very sad for many newsagents are still giving great service to their community and making money of which they will lose. They feel for their Town and outlying folk on the land and try to do their best but cop the flack.
    The execution of the newsaper distribution from the newsagent to the publisher is just that and execution, handled poorly leaving many lf those that really can’t afford to close down to struggle on waiting, just waiting for their last throw of the paper.


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