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Free newsagent workshop today @ 10:30am

I and some of the newsXpress team are hosting a workshop today about cards, sharing insights from the newsXpress developed intellectual property that its the basis for card sales growth of  between 25% and 75%. 

At this free workshop, I will show you actual results, which you will be able to verify. One of our newsXpress team members will step you through the work involved to achieve the results. Often, we are achieving excellent results with no capital spend.

We will show you the most comprehensive card performance reporting you will see for any card retailer in the world. I understand that is a bold claim. Once you see what we will show, we think you will agree.

Today, June 8 @ 10:30am if you want to grow your card sales. Here is the link:

Meeting ID: 989 6164 7990 Passcode: 519968

In the meantime, if you have questions, please email help@newsxpress.com.au.

Yes, I am a Director of newsXpress

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  1. Bar

    Thank you for the opportunity to join in the workshop. Plenty of positive info.


  2. Diane

    I thought I managed cards well for someone who has been a newsagent for ten years. I learnt more in the hour than I knew. Thanks for the opportunity.


  3. Mark Fletcher

    Anyone who would like to access a video of the meeting can email me at mark@newsxpress.com.au.


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