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Kikki k troubles an opportunity for newsagents?

With Kikki k in administration for the second time in recent years, it could be a good time to look at your social stationery offering. There are many suppliers in this space that we can access. It is easy to curate ranges that evolve over time, that can be promoted on social media, following some of the excellent marketing cues used by Kikki k.

This space of inspiring stationery that nurtures optimism and feeds happiness is a space made for retailers in the newsagency channel if they want to embrace it.

Meanwhile, Kikki k is quitting stock and stores. This, from their website:

This premium stationery space is competitive. Marketing can’t be traditional and inventory or price driven. The biggest success I have seen in this space has been built on aspiration marketing that is backed by quality product. The moment you take it down a value (discount) path, you’re on unstable ground.

It will be interesting to see what emerges from the Kikki k administration. Maybe third time is a charm. Maybe the brand has value for another business. I suspect the retail stores are in for a rough time as that’s where there is significant cost.

Regardless of what happens next with Kikki k, there is an opportunity right now to consider whether their tough times present an opportunity for you.


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  1. Steve

    I agree Mark the Kiki K brand is a premium brand that definitely should not be competing on price. Like you I also see an opportunity for our channel in this high end stationery space. We are screaming out for product in this space so I hope the wholesalers including those at Kiki K can also share our vision to fill the retail void. I think Kiki K is just one of many examples to follow of overpriced retail occupancy costs in Australia. More opportunities will follow and again we are well placed to fill the void.


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