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How the News Corp. take over of newspaper home delivery from local small business newsagents is going

This comment from yesterday morning prompted me to share the tweets in this post:

We have had a 7day newspaper delivery for over 40 years. First by newsagent and in last 2 years by News Ltd contractor. The newsagent was excellent but the contractor is hit and miss. Some days we get paper some days not. It can be delivered anywhere fron 5am to 12 midday. Just recently it has been changed to a plastic sealed cover with paper being delivered flat. The driver must find it impossible to throw from vehicle. Our paper ends up anywhere from our neighbours yard to being on gutter or on the road. We also were told the late delivery is because the paper is coming from Sunshine Coast. Heaven forbid why we live in Brisbane.

These tweets, a selection of what’s out there, from newspaper customers speak volumes:

And this, relating to cutting supply in regional Australia:

The decisions read like the company plans to shrink newspaper home delivery to nothing.

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