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Happy Christmas cards popular in early Christmas card sales

While it’s early in Christmas card season for 2021, I am seeing store level data indicating considerable appeal for happy / cheerful Christmas cards ahead of the more traditional cards and even the religious cards.

Customers are commenting, too, about shopping for happy cards. In fact, it was these comments that had me take notice of the trend.

We have responded by giving the happy cards prominence in card placement, to ensure the happiness they pitch / share is seen and understood. I think this will further help sales.

We are not holding back other cards, just giving the happiness focussed cards a brighter light under which to shine.

At this time in the season, it is the religious cards tend to be leading in terms of sales. I’d note that that is the case with boxed Christmas cards.

We have had our Christmas singles out for more than. two weeks now and our boxed cards for longer. Currently, sales are more than double this time last year – and we did have stock out them for the same time as this year.

Looking at the sales of Christmas cards in your shop can guide placement decisions. There will be differences between businesses.

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