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Newsagency / LPO may close due to vaccine status

The Guardian has a story about Merrigum newsagency / LPO and their position in relation to the vaccine for Covid.

The tiny town of Merrigum in regional Victoria may lose its only post office because its operator has refused to be vaccinated for Covid-19, citing her “freedom of choice”.

Angela Spedding has operated the Merrigum post office and newsagent for more than six years.

On Tuesday, in a post on social media, Spedding said she had been told by Australia Post that the post office would have to close if she had not booked in to receive a vaccine by the end of the working week, and she would also have to cease delivering mail.

Australia Post denied Spedding had been told to close the office, but said she had advised them it would close from Thursday after discussions about her compliance with state health orders.

Reads like crazy stuff. But the Facebook page for the business supports the story.

I have been told by Australia Post that if I haven’t booked in by Friday 15th the Post Office will close. As it is my choice to not get vaccinated the mail will be transferred to Somewhere. As for your street mail they have another contractor but where it will go I have no idea. I apologise for the inconvenience this will cause for you all but it’s my freedom of choice.

It’s not an Australia Post thing. No, the Department of Health has ordered that everyone working in an essential business has to have had had their first vaccine dose by October 22.

If it was up to me, vaccination would be mandatory for all except those with a legitimate medical exemption. The risk posed by the unvaccinated because they want the right to choose not to be vaccinated is too big for their ignorant stupidity to put those too young or those who cannot be vaccinated at risk.

This is not the first business in this situation and it will not be the last. Unfortunately, each story is fuel to the bonfire setup by ignorant anti-vaxxers.

UPDATE: The business owner has advised Australia Post that they have booked their vaccination appointment.

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  1. Steve

    Why a business owner would want to put themselves, their staff, their customers and their livelihood at risk is beyond me. I wonder if the licensee is aware that most employers will also require the same. I heard a great story yesterday of a Sydney cafe being targeted by an anti vaxer both in store and on social media. This resulted in the community coming out in droves and from miles away to support this poor business.


  2. Mark Fletcher

    The things is Steve that the state government landed vaccination for all employees of all businesses that have been open through the pandemic. It’s a million people. I like the move since it reflects the nature of being essential.

    I really have no time for the anti-vaxxers. When I’l really anger about them I think we should ship them off to an island somewhere far away and make room for people who want to be here, be safe and be healthy.


  3. Mark Fletcher

    I’ve updated the post to note that the business owner has booked their vaccination appointment.


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