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The Great Resignation could be a thing, something we need to consider

The Great Resignation is more than a glib phrase, it reflects a movement unfolding and being discussed worldwide in businesses, governments and elsewhere.

It’s a Covid thing in that people have had the work from home experience of flexible hours, no commute, enjoying the local community more and a closer family embrace.

A Great Resignation trigger is when a business asks / demands employees return to the office. It gives plenty, apparently, pause for thought about other employment options.

If this plays out as some think it could, local businesses that have benefited from more people working locally could continue to flourish as businesses call people back in.

Here’s a scene-setting story from CNBC:

Here is a news.com.au story:

Click here to access an ABC story about this from a few days ago.

I don’t know if The Great Resignation will be a big thing here in Australia or not. But I do think it is interesting to read about and consider how it could play out in the context of our local businesses. I kind of think it could be welcome disruption.

Now, thinking about this in the context of the newsagency software company I own. Mid last year we made it clear that we would not be requiring people to return of the office. Indeed, we have hired several new team members located interstate because they were perfect candidates and they wanted to work from home. These personal experiences make me think The Great resignation may not be great. It may be a thing, but not great … because workplaces will be flexible, especially small business workplaces if they can.

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