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Newsagents paid a pittance for House of Wellness ad catalogue campaign

In my opinion the House of Wellness catalogue being promoted by News Corp. is not worth anywhere near the $2.50 they claim for it. It’s an ad catalogue for Chemist Warehouse. News Corp. has done a deal with Chemist Warehouse that pays newsagents well below minimum wage to hand the ‘title’ out in return for collecting and tracking coupons.

What a joke.


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  1. Glenn

    There is only one place for these House of Wellness mags – the recycle bin.
    The fact that any newspaper publishers still believe their product has any value to a modern newsagency highlights they are still stuck in yesteryear. If they want us to respect their product, then they need to respect us again and that starts with fair remuneration. Until their product generates a fair income for newsagents, it is worth nothing and should be treated as such.


  2. Glenn

    As a side issue, the biggest profit center for Chemist Warehouse is their advertising catalogues. Think about that next time someone wants you to hand them out for free


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