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The power of a podcast

There’s a niche product we sell that ticks over, usually selling somewhere around 10 units a week through the year and delivering $17,000 a year in revenue.

It had been out of stock so when we could order again we went hard, and just as well. On Monday the product featured in a podcast episode. This week we have sold over 100 units.

While the experience has changed our view of the product and what is possible with it, the bigger story for us is that usually a third of our sales for this product come from in-store. This week, 100% have come from online with a third of those customers also purchasing something else.

Being online is key in business today. Being easily found online is even better.

On the street, people will browse based on what they see. we configure our businesses to leverage this.

Online, most purchases are intended, sought out, based on what people want. Data confirm this.

We were lucky that the podcast referenced the product, that we had stock, that we had a website and that we came up in search results. 

Any newsagent can do this.

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