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Are magazines less of a focus for WH Smith in Australia

I have been in several WH Smith transit locations recently and found magazines in a slow traffic location in -store, and poorly stocked.

This photo is from one of the Melbourne stores just over a week ago.

In one store, okay, it could be one-off. But more? I mentioned this to someone in the magazine publisher space and they had noticed it too and felt it was a deliberate decision.

Time will tell.


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  1. Steve Denham

    This is awful, truly poor retail standards. It they are going to reduce magazines then action should be positive and fast. For a company that has been retailing in travel locations for over 180 years they should know about the cost of empty space.

    Hope its a one off but I am sure you will share more on this story as it develops.

    Cheers Mark


  2. Mark Fletcher

    Steve I saw it and did think it was one-off. This photo is from the second time, and later that trip I saw it again.


  3. Steve

    Covid must have really hurt all airport based retailers. Guessing that they have made a decision to focus on on higher margin products as sir travel numbers recover. I agree a half baked decision is not a good look.


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