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Newsagents: always scan out greeting cards you return

If you do not scan greeting cards that are being returned you negatively impact the quality of your stock on hand data. You also condemn the business to relying on card companies for performance data, when this should 100% be managed within your business.

It doesn’t take long and adds value to your data asset.

Once you take down cards for return, take a brief moment to scan them out using your POS software. Then, you can rely on your data for business planning and decisions.

Seriously, this is any easy win for any newsagent.

Newsagents who do not scan out returns out themselves as disinterested in accurate data and that lays a negative cloud over their business in my view, it leaves their card suppliers as having the most complete data, which may not always be in the best interests of the retail business.

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  1. Peter

    I am surprised you even have to tell newsagents this. Scanning card returns is fundamental to basic business management.


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