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Ancol chasing newsagents for stationery sales outside SA

Ancol, the stationery wholesale business owned by SA newsagents, is chasing wholesale business outside of South Australia. My experience is they are pushy for a new account, unhappy if you say no thanks.

Their website home page looks like it’s from the 1990s. The mention of the 2021-22 catalogue is unfortunate.

Between, GNS, Razor, ACCO, Ancol and others the wholesale stationery marketplace is crowded. Most of them seem to have not retreated to an online-model only, which I think is key to get the cost of product as low as possible. Reps are an expensive way to sell these days.

I mention online because we are buying plenty of niche stationery, stationery people want rather than the stationery they need from online without ever seeing a rep. It’s good and easy business, helping us expand range and reach new shoppers.


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