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Inspiring retail: newsXpress Leven, Ulverstone, Tasmania

This business has been in the family for decades, across two generations. What was once a traditional newsagency is today a vibrant gift shop that has some newsagency lines as a service for customers.

This shop is an excellent example of doing it yourself and creating something genuinely local, warm, comforting and clearly loved.

This shop also shows that you can succeed by trading outside of what people expect for your type of business, that today in retail, your shingle does not have to define your business.

Ulverstone is a wonderful local community, a beautiful part of the world. What Sharene and Wayne have created at newsXpress Leven is a shop people love to visit and spend money in.

Often, local retailers can get caught in their head about what they could do in their business. Seven years ago, Shareen and Wayne set about embracing change, and they haven’t stopped since – creating a business of which they can be proud.

It was a thrill to see what they have created.

newsagency of the future

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  1. Greg

    Well done to Sharene and Wayne. Store looks great and very inviting.
    I think there are businesses within in our channel that don’t appreciate that our businesses are initially a great foot traffic driver, then it is up to the owners to leverage of this. Think of the cost that a stand alone gift store would have to put into to generate the foot traffic that a standard Newsagency has. Nothing is easy but if the effort that the likes of Sharene and Wayne put into the business it is possible to have a thriving business which you can be proud of and the locals will support.


  2. David

    Love this.


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