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URGENT IMPORTANT NOTICE. Changes Required by Newsagents to handle the new Weekday Windfall Game

The Lott has informed Tower Systems via XchangeIT about changes slated for May 6 to accommodate the Weekday Windfall game launching on May 20.

Despite strong protests from me to senior management at The Lott, they, in their infinite wisdom (bless them), plan to reuse a product code for the new game. This  code is currently linked to a payout department.

In our opinion, this is a seriously stupid and dangerous move by The Lott. They should have used a completely new product code.

Failure to adhere to the steps outlined in our knowledge base advice will result in all sales for the new Weekday Windfall game being treated as payouts or lotto wins. This risks you disbursing funds to customers by mistake.

Act now to prevent this. Here is a link to advice for Tower newsagents: https://help.towersystems.com.au/portal/en/kb/articles/lotto-setup-new-products

Here is the response from The Lott once I had explained to them the risks involved in reusing a product code:

I appreciate that you some concern about reusing product ID 22 however due in part, to some code capacity issues, a decision was made to use this code for the upcoming Weekday Windfall. Please note, that all terminal development which includes the use of product ID 22 for Weekday Windfall has received regulatory approval and is unable to be changed.

Newsagents are at risk here.

Newsagency management

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  1. Michael

    Once again Tatts makes a poor decision that negatively impacts us. It is frustrating learning about it through Tower. At least thanks to them I can preparer for it.


  2. David

    Absolutely stupid decision. I have come to expect no more from The Lott.


  3. Kate

    And not a word from the associations that cozy up to Tatts.


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