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The challenge of employing school students part time

This email I received represents the challenges for retailers in giving work to school students:

My name is Joe, I am 14 years old, currently in my first semester of year nine at high school. I don’t have any past work experience, but I am very optimistic on getting a job with you! As I am a student, I can offer you minimal shifts unfortunately, but I can do afterschool shifts starting around 5, following bus routines, however I can be there around, 4 on Thursdays as school ends early. Wednesdays and Saturdays won’t work for me as I have already adopted the responsibility of playing netball, which, although takes up work time, has taught me how to work with people while under pressure, and I can make quick rational decisions. Please shoot me a response if you’d like to see my resume. Kind Regards, Joe

I have changed details to fully anonymise the email.

I love their confidence and clear communication. The challenge is the restrictions on hours. With the cost of training and limited hours availability, I think ‘Joe’ will struggle to find work.

There has been an uptick in school students seeking work this year in my experience. Looking back on email approached, it’s up more than 100%.

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