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Bluey coin madness in the newsagency

newsXpress stores had access to the Bluey coins the released yesterday morning at 8:30am. It was crazy in-store and online thanks to terrific news coverage leading up to the release.

The coins sold out in a minute and retailers spent the rest of the day fielding questions. Some had to take their phone off the hook.

While there for sure is frustration about selling out so fast and not having enough stock to satisfy demand, there is the upside of new shopper traffic in-store and online. Plenty of this traffic flowed into other purchases, even by those who missed out on the Bluey coins.

Some of the additional purchases were for new coins releases exclusive to newsXpress. These products help drive stickiness of coin shoppers. By that I mean they’re repeat purchases back at the same shop. Coin shoppers are like that and basket data indicate they purchase other items.

newsXpress stores are now authorised retailers for the Royal Australian Mint, Perth Mint, New Zealand Mint, New Zealand Post Office and a couple of others.

In a moment in time when net new shopper traffic is vital in retail and in our channel in particular, coin shoppers are most welcome, and appreciated.

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