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Some newsagency customers frustrated with bonus DVD coupon

Mark Fletcher
August 25th, 2014 · 3 Comments

misseddvdWhile I understand the purpose of the bonus DVD coupon in the Sunday Herald Sun yesterday, the coupons is only of value if there are stocks of the DVDs in circulation. I felt for the customer who said they have been to ten newsagencies that morning, four were closed, looking for the one DBD they had missed in the series. There’s got to be a better supply model. It starts with retail newsagents having absolute control over their supply through a direct relationship with the publisher.

It’s terrific that this is a newsagency focussed promotion. Let’s work on the back end to make it work better for newsagents and customers in the future – to maximise sales.


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  • 1 Carol // Aug 25, 2014 at 9:18 AM

    Ours arrived late so we have been letting people have DVDs with what ever paper tops they have got so they can get the full collection. Have to deal with results of that later on. Does anyone have two of the first free one?


  • 2 Jenny // Aug 25, 2014 at 10:42 AM

    We need all these promotions to be newsagency only, ask which newsagencies want them and what supplies they need.

    Retail only newsagents should get a direct supply like ours do (NSW) with promotional material, then extra stock from distributor newsagent if required.
    Those newsagencies will then do a great job for the publisher.

    I had a customer complain to me early in this promotion that it’s not fair she has to come to our shop to get DVD, that she should be able to buy it in supermarket or petrol station like she has in the past.
    Was she annoyed because I made her buy the paper?
    She is lucky I didn’t have a gun!

    Carol, I have plenty of the free one (in collector case) am happy to send to you if you can’t get some from rep or closer shop.


  • 3 Dean // Aug 25, 2014 at 11:37 PM

    My question is “What is the purpose of the David Attenborough DVD promotion?” I assume it is to increase sales of The Sunday Times (WA). Unfortunately it has only increased stress levels in newsagents and disappointed some customers.

    Each week I have received the same number of papers so it’s impossible to increase sales and DVD’s have sold out quickly. Part 5 & 6 came out on Sunday and I had none left first thing Monday morning. Home delivery customer have come in today (and will do all week) with their token only to be told “sorry”. These are potential new customers which I need to “Wow”. When they are disappointed or angry it is impossible to sell them something profitable and/or expect them to come back.

    There has been many of these sorts of promotions over many years and most of them (just like partworks) there is not the required stock. Why can’t they get quantities correct?

    By getting it wrong the promotion has the opposite effect it is designed to do.


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