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Aussie Post stays under the radar

It’s astounding how much Australia Post is able to stay under the radar on matters of customer service. While Telstra gets beaten up with regularity over service for rural Australia, Australia Post continues to let consumers across the country down.

  • Their shops have long lines, a fifteen minute wait is common.
  • Customer service is poor to shocking.
  • Product knowledge is barely average.
  • They close early – 12 noon or 1 pm on a Saturday (if they open at all).
  • Prices do not reflect their buying power.
  • Closed Sunday.
  • If this were Telstra the press and some more noisy Senators would be beating the drum calling for better service. Hey, folks, there’s a story here!

    I don’t mind since I own a newsagency which competes with a Government owned post office (directly opposite) for stationery, greeting card, Western Union, phone recharge and bill payment products and services. But I still wonder how Australia Post gets away with it while Telstra does not. Of course, they do it by promoting their business around their delivery service – which is excellent – but it is in their retail sector where they are savage against family run businesses. They use the rivers of customers generated by their monopoly mail services and get them to buy products which would have otherwise supported the small business economy.

    I guess the Federal Government needs the profits from the sale of a pack of paperclips more than I and other newsagents like me need it.

    The retail arm of Australia Post is out to harm small businesses like mine and make mediocre service the standard. Australians should reject that! We deserve better.

    The government should get out of retailing and leave that to small business owned who know a thing or two about customer service.


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