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Proof Australia Post is confusing consumers

Mark Fletcher
November 30th, 2006 · 4 Comments

We are running an outpost for Christmas cards and wrapping paper outside our newsagency – between us and the government owned Australia Post shop. The extent of Australia Post’s success at encroaching on newsagent categories is evident by the number of people who think they have to pay for the cards at Australia Post. There have been plenty. So many in fact that we now have signs. It never occurred to us that we would have to say that it’s an outpost for our newsagency. Take a look at the photos.


These are traditional newsagency lines. It’s only in recent years that Australia Post has more aggressively entered the greeting card space. In the 1990s there would not have been any question. Today, consumers are confused thanks to government inaction. Now, looking into their government owned shops, they look more like newsagencies than ever.


Today I even say someone browse, select a range of items, walk toward Australia Post, see the line backed up through their shop and put the stock down and walk away. Thanks Australia Post – your appalling service cost us a sale. (I couldn’t get to them fast enough.)


The Government has been telling us all through the AWB wheat scandal that no one told them what AWB was doing. In the case of Australia Post the government has been told what their 100% owned enterprise is doing to small business. I wonder how they will deny knowledge when newsagencies close as a result of Australia Post’s unfair competition against them.


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  • 1 Ken Burgin // Nov 30, 2006 at 3:44 PM

    So what is the Newsagents Association doing about all this? This blog can’t be the only voice complaining…

    I’m familiar with the Restaurant Asssociation. They go straight to Canberra to yell and scream, or schmooze and cajole, whatever’s appropriate at the time.


  • 2 hello_hello // Feb 20, 2007 at 3:10 PM

    What is unfair about Australia Post’s competition???? Under the Act they are able to undertake any profit making venture they wish as a commercial organisation. It is against the trade practices act to eliminate competition…. Also, the main reason Australia Post is expanding its retail lines is due to the Licensed Portion of the network i.e. the privately owned Post Offices (Which makes up approx 75% of all Post Offices in Australia) wanting more products to sell and offer thier customers. Its all about convenience. By the way… Who had bill payment options first??? Australia Post! you dont see them winging about newsagents encroaching on their turff. Competition is good so stop your bloody winging! You dont see LPO’s winging and complaing about competing with newsagents… They just get on with the job and find better suppliers to make more money and make improvements to their business.


  • 3 Matt // Feb 20, 2007 at 3:25 PM

    Well if we are talking about even competition … let Aus Post deregulate itself and give up the “exclusive Postal” brand.

    I am for competition; but im against these government owned post offices and big supermarket chains (Coles / Woolworths) that walk over the little guys just to line themselves with a few extra million.

    ALl the while the little is guy is packing up because he can’t compete.


  • 4 mark fletcher // Feb 21, 2007 at 7:46 AM

    Hello hello. Do a search of my blog for Australia Post and then read the act. The government owned stores are, in my view, operating outside the Act. My complaint is that when it comes to matters like this the Government investigates itself – and this is not good governance.

    You mention bill payment. Australia Post has used unfair and un Australian tactics as a barrier to others competing in this space. Mark


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