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Is it the iSlate?

Mark Fletcher
December 30th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Blogs, websites and mainstream news outlets are abuzz with reports of an imminent announcement  by Apple of their new tablet reader.  Many think it will be called the iSlate.

Publications (books, magazines and newspapers) are ready for their iPod moment as I have blogged here for some time.  While I don’t know if the iSlate (or whatever it is called) will deliver this, Apple is better placed than most to deliver such a moment because of their profound understanding of human interface needs.

We in the newsagency channel, where half of our traffic is derived from print product sales, need to understand that this moment will come.  We ought to be adjusting our businesses today.  We do this with new traffic, new money and better people to people connection.

This digital future is the key driver behind changes in print supply and distribution businesses.


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  • 1 June // Dec 30, 2009 at 4:42 PM

    Mark, I still have a problem with both islate and kindle etc and I don’t believe that ANYTHING is better than going to bed early (or getting up early and making a cup of tea and going back to bed with a good book. I don’t think I’m alone here and I still think that the tactile magazine and book are infinitely more
    appealing than the IT versions (fantastic though they may be)
    I am hoping there are many many more people out there who will agree with me.
    After working on computers and phones
    all day who wants to do it all night as well?


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