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Network Services working through handling the NDD transition

Network Services has been talking with the various software companies about how to best handle the transition of titles from NDD to Network where the recall date is beyond the last day of trade for NDD.

To their credit, Network has sought input from the software companies on transition options.

Earlier today is a surprising move, POS Solutions published the correspondence from Network.  They have published a request sent from Network to them for input.  It is not a statement from Network as to how they will handle the situation.

My personal view is that POS should not have published this communication as the approach canvassed is far from certain.

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  1. shauns

    does anyone know of a fast way of doing allocation changes with network ? i have been on netonline now for 30min and it is just rediculous how slow it is to make bulk changes


  2. PeterStewart

    sounds about right to me. you could try a range review, but i had no luck getting a response from net or gotch


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