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Slow Cooker counter placement works!

The Slow Cooker placement at the counter resulted in six sales in the day.  I am very happy with $19.42 gross profit for the day from the counter placement.  Remember, this is for a title for which we have already achieved excellent sales over the last three or four months!


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  1. Robin

    I have finally jumped on the slow cooker band wagon, and for a struggling strip store I thought I would order in 10 and hope for the best with cooking something in store and drive the sales that way. The friday I brought the slow cooker in hoping to cook saturday taking advantage of large traffic. By friday night I had sold all but one. I was extremely shocked and pleased, although slightly dissappointed I didn’t get a chance to even cook. So I have another 15 on order plus 2 of the larger slowcooker books and I will go for round two and hopefully have enough left to try the cooking technique.


  2. Mark

    Robin, Great news!

    FYI ABW has a good range of slow cooker cookbooks.


  3. Robin

    I had no idea ABW did anything other then the cheep novels and kids books… I haven’t been overly pleased with our reps work and was actually contemplating VBW as they seemed to also have the coffee table books and sales/promotions ect. I will have a look thanks heaps Mark. I know I can push cooking titles in this area very well


  4. Mark

    Ask them about the book sale packages they have – they are a great way to generate new traffic.


  5. Robin

    Will do Cheers, I may also ask for a new rep who actually remembers to come see me like rather then me calling up going umm Hi…we are out of books.

    Thanks for the info Mark! Very much appreciated!


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