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Hallmark sound cards continue to drive sales

hallmark-soundcards.JPGThe innovation of Hallmark in introducing their original artists sound cards a couple of years continues to reap rewards for newsagents. You only have to watch shopper interaction to understand the value of these cards in retail – driving browsing and sales. People of all ages enjoy opening the cards and listening. The emotion they feel to certain songs can help reflect the emotion they want to share in the giving of a card. This is one reason I am happy to give over considerable retail space to the Hallmark sound card range.

I also like that the range has evolved as well as the technology with more recordable cards.

Any newsagencies I build now have the card department at the front of the shop, facing shoppers as they walk past. Cards pull people, especially the sound cards. Browsing leads to sales. There is no doubt about that.

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  1. shaun s

    i am often amused when looking at customers browsing these cards we have only had hallmark in for about six months and cutomers love them . you will always here a bit of laughter when they open one up


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