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New Partwork: Fighter Aircraft Collection

mag-fighter.JPGWe are promoting the Fighter Aircraft Collection with this display at the counter. We also have copies located with our aircraft magazines in the magazine department. This way we capture the impulse opportunity as well as the purchases from enthusiasts. I’m not s

I am not sure how this title will go nationally as it caters to a two special interest niches – aircraft and military.  However, promoted well this could be a hit in newsagencies with strong magazine sales in these areas.  I know that the Tractors partwork series a year or two back was quite popular in some unexpected newsagencies.


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  1. shaun s

    mine went missing and there must be no stock because nothing has turned up yet


  2. Wendy

    Same here, Shaun. Nothing to promote. Real shame, since we find that our military and aircraft categories are doing very well.


  3. Bill

    Issue 1 contains an offer to subscribe and customers who do so will receive up to 10 Discovery Channel DVD’s. I rang Bissett Magazine Services on behalf of a regular who wanted the set and the free DVD’s. No can do through a newsagent was the response and I quote the response when I asked why not:”because we don’t need newsagents”. Of course, they needed us to get No1 issue out there in the first place. I have now removed all subscription offer flyers from remaining stock and suggest you do also.


  4. Mick

    Have always taken them out,could have sold 3 times the numbers Do these people not want newsagents any more it is all bullshit


  5. MAX

    I go through all partworks and remove all those subscription flyers even if I have to open the package.


  6. shaun s

    OFF TOPIC i have to do a subscription for time magazine for a customer as a gift . i do not stock it so i have no idea what its retail is can anyone give me a price ?last one i had was in 2009


  7. ED

    wow. “we don’t need newsagents”

    i don’t need them as well. F them. i can live without sales from their stuff.


  8. Mark

    Bill did you get the name of the person who said this? I will take it up with them if you have it.


  9. Mick

    May be post them in for them


  10. Matt Kennedy

    Does anyone have an idea how I might get hold of the company publishing these?

    Whoever did their TV commercial didn’t proof their voiceover, as it seems not one of the dingbats in the whole production process knew that the ‘MK’ in “MK2 Spitfire” is an abbreviation for ‘Mark’. How bloody embarrassing for an ‘authoritative’ publication.

    The ad proudly announces that the first issue features the “MK2 Spitfire”, pronounced it ’em kay 2′, instead of ‘Mark 2’. It’s as dumb as saying 2lb as ‘two el bees’ instead of ‘two pounds’.

    Why oh why is the world getting dumber? 😉

    Explanation of ‘MK’ here:


  11. Hawko

    is the messerschmitt on the shelves yet?


  12. Mark

    Matt the details are on the inside of the magazine on the pack.


  13. mark mathiesen

    As a customer I and several other guys in Brisbane have tried to get these from the newsagents in CBD but no one suppplies any more after the first 2 issues. Where in Brisbane can I buy from my newsagents rather than direct?


  14. Heather

    So sorry to hear your story Mark. Rental
    costs in CBD’s have reduced “newsagents” to kiosks these days, and they simply cannot be full service any more. My newsagency is in a big country town, and I hear on a weekly basis comments by visiting city dwellers (you know, the ones who still can afford a long weekend holiday out of town), about how my store reminds them of the old days and how they didn’t know their old favourite mag was still available because they never see it in their local newsagent any more. I’m really hoping there is a Brisbane newsagent who will be able to respond to your call, if you lived 1000km further south I would arrange a putaway and you could collect once a month. All the best


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