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Terrific newspaper stand from News Corp. at Coles

newscstandI love this newspaper stand from News Corp. which I saw at a Coles in suburban Melbourne a couple of days ago. It’s space efficient. strong, flexible and easily relocated. Very smart.

I like this stand more than the stands I have seen on offer to newsagents in recent years from News and Fairfax. If publishers were to offer something as efficient as this to retail newsagents I am sure we should see better engagement by that channel.

Click on the image to see the stand in more detail. Notice the strong construction, flexibility and marketing at the top.


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  1. Paul

    Was given what looks like one identical to that in blue by my QNP rep two weeks ago and have been using it at entry to the shop, Quite useful for the floorspace it takes up.


  2. jenny

    We have been offered these (same I think in blue) for our shop or any subs, maybe its worth chasing up with News reps for those who would want this.


  3. Mark Fletcher

    The blue one I have seen is bigger than this. We have it in one shop. Not ideal compared to this one.


  4. Richard

    We have two blue ones from QNP exactly the same size but Coles do not appear to know how to use the baskets properly. Huge gap at the top.


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