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Packaging to make a product more appealing

packagingPassionfruit on a shelf sells on the basis we think it will taste like. The passionfruit in the photo sells on the basis of how it looks. The retailer i this instance has taken us into the product, appealing to passionfruit lovers. I went to the supermarket to purchase something else and stopped to notice the passionfruit because it was sliced open, looking delicious.

The photo to me is reminder to look at what we sell and to consider how differently we can present products so they are noticed by people who are not in the newsagency to purchase those products. The same principle can work with window displays.

Everyday we make choices which affect traffic through our front doors and shopper engagement once inside. If we act in the usual, average, way, our results will be average. Take a fresh approach and you risk a fresh (good) result.


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