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Pitching Valentine’s Day in the high street

One of the benefits of having a newsagency with no agency lines is the flexibility to pitch what we want to passers-by how we want.

Here is out front window Valentine’s Day pitch in the high street store we have It is working a treat:

The concept is to kind of wrap the business in the love of the season. It is working in that people are coming in to check out what we have inside … plenty of new faces too.

Being the only shop in the strip shop location this committee to Valentine’s Day helps the business get noticed.

I think it is vital that we pitch seasons like this, out to people in the street as getting them to step through the front door is the most important action you can have them take. Once inside, the shop does (or, hopefully does) the rest.

Give the situation off th store sand the location of the counter we cannot display products in a boxed window. Hence the pitch las you see it in the photo.

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