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Gotch lets newsagents down with My Little Pony Adventures part series from Eaglemoss

Mark Fletcher
February 22nd, 2018 · 2 Comments

The My Little Pony Colouring Adventures part series launches next week. I expect issue 1 will sell out quickly for some stores while others will have returns.

I say Gotch has let newsagents down because of their typically poor and one size fits all approach.

I have had My Little Pony products from multiple suppliers in store for ages, products that appeal to kids and adult collectors of the licence, yes adults. I also have a permanent unicorn department in-store, which appeals yo MLP shoppers too.

Stores with this level of engagement could do far better with the launch that will permit with its one size fits all approach.

I’d prefer Gotch to:

  1. Invite store engagement months out.
  2. Allow us to set supply quantities, without argument.
  3. Give us a better price for firm sale.
  4. Guarantee replenishment through to issue #12.
  5. Guarantee minimum supply for the run of the series where we have confirmed putaways.
  6. Help newsagents with allied product supplier suggestions. While engaged marketing groups will be onto this, Gotch could too.
  7. Make it very easy for shoppers to find stores.
  8. Provide pre-launch collateral to facilitate preorders.
  9. Provide demographic and other insights to help newsagents understand the broader opportunity. My Little Pony has a broader appeal than as a kids toy or kids character.

Sure Gotch is a magazine distributor. See their website and see their claims of being specialist. A specialist business would do more than they have done in the lead up to the launch of this title. It is not enough in my opinion.

We are going all out as My Little Pony Colouring Adventures will drive traffic in-store. I say this because support for the MLP brand is strong, I do understand the demographic and I am already setup to leverage that into deeper basket opportunities.

To anyone at Gotch rolling their eyes, frustrated, angry or annoyed at this post – all I want is for newsagents to make the maximum amount of money possible. Your poor execution will not see this happen.

Check out a TVC from the UK launch to see why I think this part series will be a bit.

Check out collateral Gotch has shared with the public via their Twitter feed:


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2 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Mark Fletcher // Feb 23, 2018 at 2:01 PM

    Of course jason. However, suppliers should do this too.


  • 2 david@AngleValeNews // Feb 23, 2018 at 3:21 PM

    Yes Jason, they’re a magazine distributor, but with sale or return, Gotch haven’t made a sale until I or another retailer does. Even firm sale, none of my suppliers have made a sale until I do because until I sell a product I have no need for replacement stock. Basic marketing.

    On the plus side, i have a very young demographic and expect this to sell well. I also expect that by week 4 I will not get enough stock for all my holds.


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