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Lotto betting closer to being banned in Australia

See this release just now from ALNA:

Lotto betting to be prohibited in Australia

Australia’s national industry body for newsagents welcomes the unanimous passing of the Interactive Gambling Amendment (Lottery Betting) Bill through the lower house, to protect consumers


Australia, 9 May 2018: Australia’s national industry body for newsagents and lottery agents, the Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association, is pleased that parliament has unanimously supported an amendment to the Interactive Gambling Bill that will bring important new consumer protections by closing the loophole that lotto betting sites have been operating out of.

Adam Joy, CEO of the Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association said, “Today the lotto betting amendment to the Interactive Gambling Bill passed with unanimous support from the House of Representatives, and without even a division. This will protect Australia from synthetic lotteries.

“We are encouraged by the clear intent of the parliament today to rebuke online betting on lottery outcomes in Australia. This is a win for Australians and an endorsement of the Australian Parliament, and we look forward to the amendment passing in the senate in due course.

“The Federal Interactive Gambling Act already made it illegal to sell a scratchy online and play a poker machine online, and the federal government moved last year to further strengthen the act with an amendment to ban online in-play betting on sports and banning credit betting, as well as making it illegal for unlicensed operators to offer online poker. And today, we welcome the passing of an amendment that closes a further loophole in the Act by banning online betting on all lottery outcomes.

“Given the misleading and divisive campaign run to try and prevent the passing of this Bill, we would like to see this Bill sent to the Senate quickly. In the meantime, the Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association will continue to provide strong advocacy for our members, including to help newsagents receive better deals on the products that they are legally permitted to sell, making sure that they aren’t excluded from access to the digital economy, and providing support to assist them in accessing the opportunities from the Federal Budget.

“These include the instant asset tax write-off extension, an extension of unfair contract terms protections, and the new funding provided to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority to give our small business owners access to free, fast and binding dispute resolution.”

The Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association is the only national association representing newsagents and lottery agents in every state and territory of Australia, and are the only newsagents’ association with a national ACCC collective bargaining authorisation. As such, it is the only association that is negotiating nationally with Tatts for further improvements.

ALNA represents over 2,000 small businesses, many of them family-owned, who rely on the sale of official government regulated lottery products. There are over 4,000 lottery retailers in Australia.

On behalf of those businesses and their staff, the ALNA thanks the government for its efforts to bring forward this important reform to protect Australian consumers. In particular, we thank Minister Fifield for his strong leadership, and Michelle Rowland for her bi-partisan support and stakeholder engagement, and also the Minor Parties and Independents. It is evidence that Australian political representatives, no matter what party they are from, understand what is important to fight for.

This is not stopping Lottoland. Here is an ad in the SMH newsfeed just now:

Maybe now VANA and NANA will get behind a single national voice for the good of the whole channel.


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  1. Mark R

    Well done Adam Joy CEO Australian Lotteries and Newsagents Association


  2. Graeme Day

    in all fairnes this decision by Parliament had nothing to do with Association representation it was all about tax avoidance and consumer protection.


  3. Factory Worker

    It’s no compulsory to play Lottoland or any of the synthetic lotteries.

    Nanny State creating more rules to stop adults voluntarily participating.

    Australia 2018…. where the Government provides places for drug addicts to shoot up but won’t let gamblers have a bet.


  4. Bradley

    I am very happy about this decision. I guarantee you that Lottoland will just go to New Zealand though. New Zealand is much more neoliberal than people think it is so they would never ban Lottoland.


  5. Mark Fletcher

    Graeme while I understand your point, I think the relentless lobbying played an important role as it educated the politicians about the ultimate cost re taxes. Good lobbying is about helping those you are lobbying to understand why they need to support your view.


  6. Mark R

    Graeme your statement has no fairness to it ,and again you have made a futile attempt to poor cold water on the efforts of Adam Joy ,I am not a member of the ALNA but I appreciate their efforts.


  7. ken

    Should ban lotts online aswell..


  8. Graeme Day

    Mark R
    Quite the contrary. I have all the time for ALNA and NANA or anybody that helps newsagencies.
    you are personalizing this issue to me and it should not be so. I didn’ even atempt to “pour” cold water on Adam -ALANA or NANA or anyone.
    Stick to the issue personal attcks show lack of substance in most discussion and I am sure you can do better than that.
    The matter now goes to the Senate for robust discusion and personally I don’t care what the outcome is because afetr all it will be the public and the newsagent who decide to engage.

    here is a groundswell of younger peolple that don’t play lotto at newsagencies -don’t p[lay lotto on-line but gamble sometimes irresposibly on their ‘phones using different apps.
    There are a number of politicians that see this as not healthy and want it banned. S.A. elections proved differently.
    Again I repeat I believe it’s up to self discipline and one can’t always be thy “brother’s keeper”
    I am not a regular gambler and really don’t care i for the game. Newsagents make a lot of money out of Lotto and I believe that a lot of newsagents would close without it.
    the issue should have been on line Gaming and not the allowing of one to be able to participate ans not the other. I believe that Lottoland are just “bleeders” (I’m not a Manly supporter either) and not constructive with no business model however the idea could adjust to suit te same model as NSW Lotteries.
    I had a lot to do with the introduction of Lotto to newsaents esoecially when Packer, Murdoch and Fairfax “owned” it and when it reverted to the NSW Gorvenment newsagnts were very much inclusive in the promoion and presentation of the product. There were Lotteries award annually for the best etc.
    Now it’s just a greed product with all parties after a bigger slice with the newsagent tied to a franchise system with no say.
    Yes I understand it and I haven’t taken sides but it is what I say “out of our hands” it’s Govt. driven and we are being divisive by virtually supporting on line gaming and wanting it banned as well.
    Anyway the Senate will debate it and I believe these points will be raised as that is what the Senate does. It is the House of review (an unnecessary one in my view but it’s there)
    i hope they ban on line gaming altogether however be careful for what you wish for Coles and Woolworths are waiting for chance to ‘grab’ the retail sales as well.


  9. Colin


    You are spot on twice.

    -“personalised” is a common feature on this blog. The resort of many who cannot accept others have an objective view that doesn’t fit their narrow minds

    -“tax” is the main consideration. If anyone was really serious about the ethics of gambling (and lottery in Australia is just that) then whole swathes of the industry would be in line for some serious regulation


  10. R.S

    Not sure it’s a good or bad news. Anyone read the new print out after renewing the winners circle card? It’s all about online purchase. Sad


  11. er

    all kind of online gambling should be banned


  12. Mark R

    Graeme unless you have personal insight of those in the Liberal Party who put this bill to parliament, then your view that tax was the only reason that prompted legislation is merely speculation, and your comment diminishes the efforts of others who have lobbied for this change.

    You wrote those words ,not me .


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